Unified Price is a tool to support you in setting floor pricing rules in Google Ad manager.

Important notes:
This is for Display demand only
You are using floor and NOT targeted eCPM
Identify the floor you want to test
Total ad requests via Adx historical report (min last 7 days)
Total sold impressions: Adx, Open Bidding, Amazon, Prebid (min last 7 days)
Total revenue: Adx, Open Bidding, Amazon, Prebid
When you increase or decrease the floor, make sure it is from 5%-10% of the set floor or 1 cent + –, (the widget is set to + – 5% of the floor)
Test the recommended floor on your ad manager unified price rules experiment
If you get the recommended floor result “Check”, this means there is an issue, it could be demand issue or ad manager settings issue ….etc.

Floor Price Assistant

Example of a unified price rule in Google Ad Manager

Unified Price Rule for USA: Floor is set to 0.50

Total ad requests – USA = 1,000,0000

Adx Report – USA = 200,000 sold impressions

EBDA Report – USA  = 100,000 sold impressions

SSPs Report – USA  = 100,000 sold impressions

Sold Impressions – USA = Adx impressions + SSPs impressions + EBDA impressions = 400,000

Total Revenue – USA = Adx revenue + SSPs revenue + EBDA revenue = 5,000